Laser vs Osseous Surgery in Blue Ridge, GA, and Franklin, NC

Mountain Periodonitcs - Blue Ridge, GA, and Franklin, NC

It is important to get your gum disease treated, and Dr. Gregg Codelli can evaluate the stages of your gum disease to determine what treatment is best for you. There are traditional forms of gum disease treatment and then there is the laser gum surgery alternative, the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®). With the laser, Dr. Codelli brings a treatment option to patients that doesn’t involve cutting or stitching. Both treatment options are effective in removing gum disease, and the only way to know which treatment is best for your situation is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Codelli.

To prepare you for your consultation, it is important to understand the differences between the laser gum surgery alternative and traditional or osseous surgery.

With osseous surgery, it is difficult not to remove healthy tissue while cutting through to the gum disease. This removal of gums can cause gum recession, and leads to further complications and procedures such as gum grafting. For patients in the Mountain area, gum disease treatment with the laser avoids the damage of healthy tissue. The laser is designed to target the dark, pigmented tissue that is diseased. It does not touch the healthy tissue, and this reduces gum recession.

Since the gums are not cut but simply peeled back by the laser and then reattached without stitches, the healing time is faster with the laser gum surgery alternative. Although patients still have diet restrictions, their pain is minimized, and therefore they are able to return to normal activity within a day or two.

Laser gum surgery tends to provide more predictable results than osseous surgery. With human histological studies backing the laser, and the first hand success seen in the Mountain area, this gum disease treatment is highly recommended by Dr. Codelli. Call him today to determine if your gum disease is treatable with laser gum surgery.

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