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Dental Implants: the modern solution

Advances in modern dental technology have afforded dental professionals the ability to offer permanent tooth replacements. Before the advent of modern dental implants, ancient societies like the Egyptians and Mayans used technology that included animal bones and rocks to recreate the look of real human teeth.

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Parts of a Dental Implant

Modern dental implants consist of three separate parts; a titanium insert, abutment and the dental crown. The titanium insert is a tiny screw that’s installed in your gums and fused to your jaw bone. Titanium is an earth metal that naturally bonds with your mouth’s bones, especially the bones of the jaw. Titanium helps kick start a process called osseointegration, a progression that helps to fuse the screw and bone together. This also helps support the bone and keep the structure of the jaw intact.

The abutment is a tiny piece that fits snuggly over the titanium screw. This piece rests just above the gum line and creates an axis point for the crown to sit.

The final part of the dental implant trifecta is the faux tooth, otherwise known as the crown. The crown is most commonly made from porcelain or another type of ceramic material. The reason for using a substance of this nature is its resistance to stains and its close resemblance of a human tooth.

The most effective tooth loss solution

Dental implants have proven over time to be the most effective solution to tooth loss. In service for almost 25 years, dental professionals such as the Blue Ridge, GA periodontist Dr. Codelli, report that patients from years ago continue to have functioning implants today.

If you are suffering from the effects of gum disease, or are the victim of tooth loss, call Blue Ridge, GA periodontist Dr. Codelli today to schedule a personalized dental implants consultation.

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