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Before the late 1980s, the best solution for replacing missing teeth was dentures. While they weren’t meant to be permanent, dentures were the most viable solution based on dental technology at the time. Dentures were able to replace multiple missing teeth. They were modern marvels at the time, yet their removable nature meant the possibility of getting into unforeseen awkward situations. Some of these situations involved dentures randomly popping out, moving and making weird noises in the midst of talking, shouting or eating.

Modern dental technology now affords us the opportunity to choose between dentures or dental implants. For the last 25 years, dental patients have been offered the chance to try more permanent solution than dentures.

Choosing Between Dentures or Dental Implants in Franklin, NC

When choosing between dental implants or dentures, it’s important to evaluate a few more differences between these tooth replacement options. Dental implants are the longer-term solution, requiring little to no maintenance by Dr. Gregg Codelli after placement.

Because dental implants are fused to the jawbone, there isn’t any reason to remove them. Dental implants don’t move around inside your mouth.
What about the materials used in each type of tooth replacement? Are they better in dentures or dental implants? Dental implants definitely boast better materials. Not only do dental implants bond more sufficiently with the mouth, the titanium screws used in implants actually fuse to the jaw bone through a process called osseointegration. This process also helps to stimulate the jaw bone and gums surrounding the tooth. Dentures cause bone deterioration and break down the gums, meaning that not only will your mouth become less healthy, your dentures won’t fit after 5-7 years, and you’ll need new ones made.

Choose Dental Implants in Franklin, NC

Dr. Codelli can help you make a decision between dentures or dental implants in Franklin, NC, choose the solution with 25 years of positive results. Contact Dr. Codelli, a periodontist specializing in dental implants in Franklin, NC, today for a personalized consultation.

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