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Frequently Asked Laser Questions in Blue Ridge, GA, and Franklin, NC

Frequently Asked Laser Questions Blue Ridge, GA and Franklin, NC

If you're suffering from gum disease, laser dentistry is an advanced way to eliminate the disease from your gums. Recent advances in modern dental techniques have paved the way for the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®), to become the most popular gum disease treatment in Blue Ridge, GA. Learn more about LANAP® from Dr. Gregg Codelli by reading his answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about laser dentistry.

Q: Is the PerioLase®MVP-7™ used during LANAP® invasive?

A: The laser is designed to only attack diseased tissue, and does not harm the healthy gums. This makes it less invasive than other surgery methods, which often must cut through healthy gums to remove gum disease.

Q: Will I lose teeth?

A: No. LANAP® is designed to stimulate bone growth, so it is actually the only laser gum disease treatment in Blue Ridge, GA that is predicted to save teeth that would have otherwise needed extraction.

Q: LANAP® probably costs more than traditional gum surgery since it uses advanced technology, right?

A: No. LANAP® is actually comparable in price to traditional forms of gum surgery. It also results in less negative side effects, saving you from having to spend more money on gum grafting and other possible dental procedures following traditional surgeries.

Q: Can I return to my normal schedule after this laser dentistry procedure?

A: Yes! With LANAP® patients report returning to normal activity within a day or less. Although there are diet restrictions, LANAP® typically does not require pain medication.

Q: How safe is it to use a laser on my gums and teeth?

A: Dr. Codelli is laser certified to safely use LANAP®. Since the laser is programmed to only attack diseased tissue, it does not harm your healthy gums or teeth, making it a safe laser dentistry option.

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